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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Arizona Notary and Loan Signing Agent

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a notary in Arizona and achieving financial freedom? Our guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step, making it easy and manageable. Just make sure to follow each step carefully and ensure all information is correct. Want to give yourself an extra boost? Consider taking a course like Loan Signing System to gain a deeper understanding of the industry - our affiliate link can be found on Step 7 towards the end of today's blog! Let's get started!

Step 1: Meet the Requirements and Apply
  • Visit the Secretary of State's website at

  • Ensure that you meet the requirements to become a notary in Arizona

  • Print out the notary application

  • Fill out the required information and print it out, making sure there are no cross-outs

  • Note: Do not mail in your application until Steps 1 to 3 have been completed

Step 2: Purchase a $5000 Bond
  • Purchase a notary bond from a website such as

  • Select the Arizona Notary Bond, choose the $35 Errors & Omission option

  • Print out the bond and sign it in front of a notary

  • The notary will swear you in under oath, and then notarize, date, and sign the bond

  • Note: Do not mail in your bond until Steps 1 to 3 have been completed

Step 3: Submit Your Application and Filing Fee
  • Obtain a $43 cashier's check or money order made out to 'The Arizona Secretary of State'

  • Submit the following together:

    • Original signed Notary Application

    • Original notarized Notary Bond

    • $43 filing fee

  • Mail the above items to: 'Secretary of State, Attention Notary Department, 1700 W. Washington Street, Fl. 7, Phoenix, Arizona 85007'

  • Processing time is currently between 4-6 weeks

  • Note: Do not mail in your application until Steps 1 to 3 have been completed

Step 4: Become a Signing Agent
  • Once you have received your Notary Commission, log on to

  • Click on 'Become a Signing Agent' and select Arizona

  • Choose the $70 option for the NSA Background Screening, which includes the NNA test

  • Add the $100,000 Errors & Omission option for one year ($104) to your cart

  • Proceed to checkout and pay for the items

Step 5: Complete the Background Check and NNA Test
  • After purchasing the items from the NNA, you will receive an email from the company that outsources their background check

  • Complete the background check and save a copy for future reference

  • Take the NNA signing agent test and complete your notary profile with the NNA

  • Note: You will need to take the NNA test yearly

Step 6: Buy Supplies
  • Purchase a dual tray LASER printer (not an inkjet) such as the Brother HLL5200dwt

  • Obtain a scanner, such as the Epson ES-500

  • Buy legal paper, letter paper, toner and drum for your printer

  • Get a notary journal (we recommend 'The Modern Journal' available on Amazon)

  • Obtain a notary stamp from

  • Buy blue pens

Step 7: Take a Course

We hope this guide has provided valuable information and a clear path to becoming a notary in Arizona. It's important to remember to follow each step carefully, ensure all information is correct, and make sure to obtain all necessary items before submitting your application. Additionally, taking a course such as the Loan Signing System can help to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and increase your chances of success. Good luck on your journey to becoming a notary and achieving financial freedom!



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